Meet our Cohort 3 startups


4baseCare is developing cutting-edge precision oncology solutions, using advanced genomics and next-gen digital health technology that helps personalize oncology patient care.

Haystack Analytics

Haystack Analytics is a genomic analytics company that delivers solutions via their platform that provides comprehensive and accurate diagnosis at scale, enabling diagnostic labs to leverage genomics for clinical decisions.


Qritive is developing clinical-grade decision support systems to enhance histopathology diagnosis of cancer that assists doctors in delivering insightful and personalized care.

Tricog Health

Tricog Health leverages deep medical and technical expertise to provide Virtual Cardiology Services to remote clinics.

AIRA Matrix

AIRA Matrix provides AI-based solutions to automate image and data analysis for drug discovery/development, healthcare diagnostics and pharmaceutical manufacturing domains.

zMed Healthcare Technologies

zMed enables real-time data integration from medical devices, laboratory results, and radiology. zMed's data-driven clinical workflow automation solutions for ICUs and other care units help hospitals and physicians to achieve better clinical and economic outcomes at scale.