Cohort 2

Meet our Cohort 2 startups

Aarogya AI

AI-led solution that diagnoses drug-resistant tuberculosis (DR-TB) in a few hours to help prescribe correct & effective drug combinations for treatment.


A platform to understand the human brain in ways that ensure better health, while shortening path to recovery with data-assured diagnosis and data-predicted prognosis.

Fluid AI

A platform that delivers human-like experiences with AI & data-driven decision making, while automating repetitive tasks.

InMed Prognostics

A startup that brings affordable, accessible, reliable, and data-driven brain health prognostics and diagnostics tools to India and other emerging markets.

Onward Assist

Cutting-edge solutions that improve cancer treatment outcomes by simplifying the process, and solving problems around accurate and timely cancer diagnosis.

Wellthy Therapeutics

Clinically validated digital therapeutic solutions that achieve real-world clinical and business outcomes across multiple therapeutic areas.